it's not a phase
it's a faad

Our Mission

Our success is purely built upon your success, therefore working with us is a true partnership.

Since the launch of our Birmingham digital marketing service orientated company, we have consistently rolled with the punches of the fast-paced digital marketing world, while strictly maintaining our core values. And yet, we still believe in the power of a handshake (or fist bump) despite our expertise behind the screen.

contractor marketing business partnership

Leading Birmingham’s Digital Marketing Service Industry

In 2022 our Birmingham, Alabama location was voted as the Top 20 SEO Company in Birmingham, not once but TWICE!

Family Owned

Can you spot the 7 in the logo? That stems from our blended family with seven children, who are our driving force to continue to grow companies to new heights, while building their legacy.

In fact, FAAD is an acronym for a phrase used every day in our household. “We love you forever and a day.”

Giving Back

Our growth as Birmingham’s best SEO and social media company has allowed us tremendous experiences all over the country. We are dedicated to motivating our audience and giving back to our communities because of this, in many different ways including: