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Take the Lead

This is the sprint! The fastest way to growth, through powerful ad copy and imaging, is with highly targeted Pay-Per-Click Campaigns for your Birmingham business. As Google Ads specialists, we will skyrocket your ROI with a clear strategy built on your specific goals and ideal clientele! PPC utilizes a unique process of placing you in front of the people who need you the most!

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Keyword Triggered

The most effective PPC advertising Campaigns in Birmingham start with extensive research into who your clients are, where your clients are, and the words they're using to find you. A laser targeted ad copy is strategized to place you at their fingertips, making you not only an option, but the most trusted service in your industry.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

What is your CAC?

Understand your Customer Acquisition Cost! If your leads are down- your costs are up! Taking charge of your cost per lead is easy with FAAD Media in Birmingham and our Google Ads specialists’ approach. Let's assess how much your spend per client is and show you how we can improve your marketing investment, utilizing this important metric as a tool for growth.

PPC Done Right