Search engine optimization

Where are you if you're not on Google

There are 33.2 Million Small Businesses in the US, how are you standing out? Ranking on Google and other search engines like Yahoo & Bing are based on a number of factors. Your site’s structure, relevance, and authority all should be working together in harmony, making your business known in its industry. 

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How Can SEO Help?

Blogging, backlinks, and targeted keyword strategies all play a key role in how a Google Bot or Spider can read your contents relevancy and place you in front of the clients who are looking. Search engine optimization in Birmingham is your best tool, and FAAD will guide you.

Types of SEO

What We Do Best

After assessing your Birmingham business’s search engine optimization score, your direct competitors, and your target audience- We'll have a clear picture of how to best position your Birmingham business for search engine optimization in the digital space.

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